Absonutrix Modi Fucoidan Max Strength Pure Brown Sea Weed Extract 500mg


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At the heart of Absonutrix Fucoidan Pure Max Strength is one key ingredient: the potent, all-natural Fucoidan.

Used for centuries in alternative medical traditions, fucoidan is a type of brown seaweed, praised for its potential to rid the body of impurities.

Every day, your body is exposed to toxins in the air and chemicals in the foods you eat and in cleaning and personal care products. A buildup of these toxins and chemicals in your body can affect how well the delicate systems of organs and tissues function. Cleansing the body of these harmful elements as well as lead and other heavy metals is crucial for maintaining health and well being.

Through eliminating unwanted impurities from the body, Absonutrix Fucoidan Pure Max Strength helps improve digestion and to reduce unpleasant gastrointestinal problems like gas and poor bowel functioning. The supplement promotes the actions of the immune system, which then, in turn, can work harder at battling bacteria and viruses with which you come in contact. Absonutrix Fucoidan Pure Max Strength is also an excellent supplement for those who have recently quit smoking and wish to cleanse their body of the cadmium, strontium and arsenic that they have been exposed to from cigarettes. And because fucoidan can also eliminate free radicals from the body.

Recommended dosage

One container of Absonutrix Modi Fucoidan Pure contains 120 capsules having 500mg in each capsule.

Daily recommended dose is 1 capsule per serving 2-3 times a day.

Very mild exercise with suitable diet can potentiate the effects of this supplement.

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