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Carbohydrate and Starch Blocker: Reduce Your Weight And Compact Your Body

If you are tired from doing exercises, restricting yourself from your delicious recipes and using all the commercial products of weight loss, and not be able to get desired results then you are on right page.

Here is the solution for your problem:

Absonutrix Carb Block X.Treme patch is a novel botanical product, which is safe and shows promising results. You will realize that people, after using it for couple of weeks, will definitely feel a considerable difference in your appearance. It not only helps cause weight loss but also brings compactness and strength in your body and you look much younger than you actually are. That is why bodybuilders reduce their extra weight by its regular use.  It helps produce weigh loss without causing wrinkles in the body. Your face and body feel fresh after using this amazing product.

White Kidney Bean Extract  is a well-known carbohydrate blocker and it breaks down carbohydrates very easily. Physiological system of our body is complex. Food we consume is used for the production of energy. This energy is produced after breaking down carbohydrates, which we consume in shape of bread and potato, into small components called glucose. However, if the calorie intake is excessive than required, these glucose molecules are stored in shape of glycogen, which remain stored until energy is required in huge quantity. These fat deposits are not easy to break and cause increase in weight of the body. Alpha amylase is an important enzyme, which is essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates belonging to starch groups. The broken down compounds then absorbed through gastrointestinal tract and accumulated in the body after conversion into glycogen. White kidney beans have capability to block alpha amylase. This blockage allows carbohydrate to pass through the gastrointestinal system without digestion. However, it does not block all starch intakes and weight loss due to white kidney beans is healthy and permanent. It blocks almost one third of your carbohydrate in a day.

A research was conducted in University of California about “Effects of White Kidney Beans Extract on food and glycemic index”. Results produced in shape of many recipes containing white kidney beans, which can benefit overweight and diabetic patients to reduce their weights and can also be used to lower blood sugar levels.


White kidney beans can have following effects:


There are eight important amino acids present in its composition. These amino acids are necessary to improve the immune system through increased production of B Lymphocytes and body defense system became strong.

Promotes Anti Cancer Activity

Anthocyanins are abundant in white kidney beans and these compounds have proven efficacy in the treatment of cancer cells because it increases turnover rate of cells.



White Kidney beans are rich in P-coumaric acid and feurilic acids that are phenolic compound and act on reactive oxygen intermediates. These reactive oxygen intermediates can damage DNA and can lead to the production of cancer cells. 


Promotes Anti Cholesterol Activity

White Kidney beans are rich in fibers, which combine with the cholesterol rich bile produced from liver, and reduce the cholesterol levels and thus blood with low cholesterol is available for the body.  Moreover, cholesterol attached to these fibers is not available to reabsorb throughout the digestive system and is expelled in the feces. 


Promotes Anti Arthritis Activity

White kidney beans have several minerals in it. Copper is present in good amount. Copper aids in increasing the elasticity of joints and ligaments of the body. It is very effective in the patients of rheumatoid arthritis. 


Promotes Anti Diabetic Activity

Fibers help to slow down the absorption of glucose from the blood and thus give good energy to diabetic patients. 


Promotes Anti Sclerotic Activity

Blood vessels are also dilated by the continuous use of this product due to availability of all the minerals present in it and chances of myocardial infarction is minimized in people over 40 years of age. 


Anti toxic effects

White kidney beans have balanced proportion of molybdenum, which helps in neutralization of toxins produced in the body by accurate processing such as sulphite elimination from the body. Sulphites are extremely dangerous for the body and it is used as preservative in many food preparations. Try to read ingredients before buying and avoid these products.


Promotes Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity

Bacteria and fungi are very sensitive to saponins that are present in white kidney beans. These saponins also target the tumor cell.

While making your mind about losing weight, you have to consider several other things as well. This product is excellent in itself but if you follow a healthy routine, you will be able to get desirable results in couple of weeks.

  • Psychologically prepare yourself for weight loss.
  • Adjust a limit. For instance, I am 50 lbs overweight and I want to reduce half of it within next three to four weeks.
  • Try to use healthy food. Fruits and vegetable intake should be increased. Oil and starch intake should be reduced.
  • 30-minute walk daily is recommended and if you miss any day then increase the walk very next day to cope the requirements.
  • Use White Kidney Beans Extract regularly and it will give you healthy and permanent weight loss.
  • Keep your weight under observation and write it down in a diary so any difference can be noticed.

Try to avoid smoking and alcohol. 

This product can give you results within couple of weeks and you will realize that not only your weight is reduced but your quality of life is increased as well and you will feel more active.


Recommended Dosage

One container of Absonutrix Carb Block contains 30 patches and each patch contains 600mg White kidney bean extract each and 2mg Gurana extract.

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