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Human body is just like a machine, which needs to be overhauled, and cleansing is a procedure to refresh your body. Cleansing detoxify all the toxins present in the mucosa of the intestines. Gastrointestinal system is very important in maintaining health of your body because if nutrients, present in the food, are not properly absorbed then your food will not fulfill all the requirements of your body and you might feel lethargic and weak.

In ancient times, when medicines were not developed then what was the source people used for therapeutic purpose? They were using indigenous plants with slight modification, by mixing different plants, by making pastes and many more such techniques. People regularly cleanse their digestive systems for the health of their bodies and people of that time had extended life spans as compared to the present time. 

Absonutrix Cleanse is formulated by keeping these natural resources in mind and this product is unique in itself because all the ingredients are from plant sources and this product will detoxify you naturally. It contains Acai fruit, Cascara Sagrada, Senna leaves, black walnut hulls and Bentonite Clay. All these products have different pharmacological properties described in details as follows.


Acai Fruits

Absonutrix Cleanse X.Treme contains 4:1 concentration of Acai fruits. Acai plam (Euterpe Oleracea) trees are the only source for the collection of fruits. Eight species are abundant in several South American countries. Fruits obtained from these trees are round, small, dark purple in color and appearance resembles the red grapes. However, these fruits have less pulp as compared to grapes and seed present in the fruit is larger too making 80% of the whole fruit. Natives consume it just as strawberries in European countries. Acai fruits are rich in carbohydrate, proteins and fats.

Research studies reveal many pharmacological benefits. These fruits contain polyphenol and anthocyanin and due to these contents, these fruits have strong antioxidant activity. These compounds act against peroxynitrite, peroxyradicals and hydroxyl radicals.  


Cascara Sagrada

It is technically termed as RhamnuspPurshiana. It is a big shrub with brownish bark. Absonutrix Cleanse Xtreme contains extract of Cascara Sagrada. Fruit of Cascara Sagrada is small berry of dark purple color containing three seeds. These are also present in Western part of North America, central California and some parts of South America. 

Bark of Cascara Sagrada is famous for laxative activity and this laxative activity is due to the presence of glycosides.


Senna leaves

Senna belongs to family Fabaceae and it is present in the tropics and temperate areas of the world. This plant comes under the category of shrubs. Its main effect is purgation. Its active ingredient is anthraquinone, and these are also known as Senna glycosides. Small doses can be used for laxative purposes. This plant mainly acts on large intestine and increase the peristaltic movements of the colon through irritation in the mucosa of lower intestine.  Constipation is an excellent indication for the use of senna plant.


Black walnut hulls

Absonutrix Cleanse Xtreme contains powder of black walnut hulls. Walnut hulls are an important source of irritation in the lower part of small intestine and it aids in increasing the frequency of bowels by triggering the peristaltic movements of colon. 

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is an adsorbent in Absonutrix Cleanse Xtreme. Bentonite, actually adsorb large quantities of protein molecules from the wall of intestine and give them a relief from overcrowding.  It has laxative effects as well. 

Moreover, there are few more ingredients including gelatin, magnesium stearate and calcium carbonate.

You might have heard from many people around you about the sluggishness, lack of energy, constipation and many more such complaints. Actually, all those happen due to lack of minerals and vitamins. Mineral and vitamin deficiency lead to inability of the body to produce certain amount of chemicals in the body, which are necessary for the production of hormones and enzymes. However, these people are taking normal amount of food but still complaining about same problems. Reason behind is that their digestive system is not active as it should be and are not absorbing all nutrients from the food and most of the nutrients are wasting in feces.

In colon (part of large intestine) fecal material stored for a while before defecation and that fecal material can help in building up toxins. Sometimes, minor wounds can harbor the build of pockets containing fecal material, which can first lead to development of infectious cells and later to cancer, and death may occur. So regular cleansing is very important to make your colon fresher and more efficient for its functions.

These natural botanical products are very effective in healing all microscopic insults our gastrointestinal tracts has gone through. Moreover, cleansing also reduce weight without compromising strength because it only removes useless and extra substances present within the environment of colon. Walls of the colon become fresh and ready to perform their function with more vigor and strength.

These products are not recommended in many conditions: 

1- Pregnant women are restricted to use laxative and purgatives in normal conditions. In case of constipation special laxatives are given.

2- Kids (under the age of 18), as their body is growing and all the functions of the body are working properly should not use this product.

3- Cleansing is recommended only in healthy individuals and in case of any gastrointestinal problem such as indigestion, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, rectal bleeding consultationwith your physician is essential.

4- Highly sensitive individuals having severe allergies should use it after consulting their doctors. 

One pack of Absonutrix Cleanse Xtreme contains 90 capsules. Fifteen days treatment with 1-3 capsules daily is recommended course. Fifteen days are enough to cleanse your body from toxic substances and you can give a gap of two months between two courses.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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