Absonutrix Radiant Youth Vitamin C Serum L-Ascorbic Acid 30%


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Introducing New Absonutrix Radiant Youth with Vitamin C L-Ascrobic Acaid 30% for younger looking skin now at your finger tips.

This unique formula contains Ascorbic acid 30% along with hydrolyzed collagen, Oleth2, Vitamin C and citric acid along with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl to promote healthy looking skin.

Vitamin C contains anti oxidants which help to fight off free radicals in the body to reduce inflammation and infections by building protein barriers at various cellular levels. These protein barriers gives your body ability to fight various harmful agents that surround our body by promoting better vesicular health and longevity. Vitamin C also helps in production of collagen that give firmness to your skin to give that youthful appearance Hyaluronic Acid (HA), also known as, also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate, is a mucopolysaccharide, a natural carbohydrate, present throughout the human body. Roughly 50% of the Hyaluronic Acid in our body is found in the skin. HA and Collagen are vital to maintaining the skin's layers and structure. It is the collagen that gives the skin its firmness but it is the HA that nourishes and hydrates the collagen. Matrikines act by telling the genes and cells what to do. They signal when repairs are needed and help to get the ball rolling on those repairs. So, cells that are being controlled by matrikines tend t be much healthier. It is this property of Matrixyl that makes it a must have ingredient in Anti-wrinkle skin care. Matrixyl supports the cells and improves production of skin revitalizing collagen.



  • Vitamin C serum, L-Ascorbic Acid 30%
  • Promotes collagen growth, great hydrator
  • Helps improve skin, All natural-no chemicals
  • No alcohol, for all skin types.
  • Hypoallergenic

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