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Successful weight loss is a combination of a healthier diet, exercise and controlling your appetite.

The first two are a matter for you taking physical action, but the third is out of your control - you can’t tell yourself not to feel hungry, so you are pre-disposed to want to eat. Synephrine Caprylate is commonly found in the better orange plant and is well known for its ability to suppress your appetite. As a way for helping you eat less, Synephrine Caprylate assists your own weight control efforts by making it easier to stay on track, cut down on food intake and resist temptations. Because you don’t feel hungry , you don’t eat. And because it has adregenic qualities, Synephrine Caprylate helps with fat loss, too. 

A 3-in-one solution that will effectively:   

  1.   Suppress your appetite
  2.   Remove harmful toxins from your body and 
  3.   Help you to lose weight!

Looking and Feeling Great Comes from Within-Theobromine is the bitter component of chocolate and is derived from the cocoa plant. Also referred as xanthose, Theobromine is in the chemical compound class methylxanthine. This class of compounds also includes and is a stimulant for the central nervous system, which main aim is to fight off the rundown lethargy you might feel when trying to lose weight.Phenylethylamine HCI increases extracellular levels of dopamine in the brain. As a result of a manufacturing process, it is the salt product of phenylethylamine, and is known to improve one’s mood and outlook. 


Backed by Science 

Through Science Comes Better Understanding- Caprylic acid or Octanic acids are among the long chainy fatty acids with intestinal bacteriostatic and antifungal qualities. Their benefits directly affect the stomach and intestines, especially as it relates to controlling the ghrelin response matrix. It’s Absonutrix’s technology that has uncovered the combination of these compounds to form our unique and proprietary “appetite busting” chemical reaction.This compound is able to “flip the switch” with the ghrelin complex, inhibiting the ghrelin hormone, thereby diminishing or eliminating its ability to feel craving or hunger within 20-30 minutes of ingestion.


Recommended Dosage

One container of Absonutrix Suppress Xtreme contains 90 capsules. Take one capsule daily.


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