Absonutrix VITAMIN B12 Energy Patch 30 Time Released 1 month supply (30 Patches)


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Absonutrix VITAMIN B12 Energy Patch 30 Time Released 1 month supply (30 Patches)

The main source of Vitamin B12 is from animal products such as meat, shellfish, milk, cheese and eggs. People who eat animal products usually do not develop B12 deficiency unless their body is unable to absorb this essential vitamin. Pure vegetarians are most likely to suffer from inadequate Vitamin B 12. If you experience:

- Weakness, Exhaustion or Light-Headedness
- Rapid Heartbeat or Breathing
- Pale Skin
- Sore Tongue
- Easy bruising and Bleeding or Bleeding Gums
- Upset Stomach and weight loss
- Diarrhea or Constipation

Then, chances are that your body is low on Vitamin B-12.


What is Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin that performs important functions throughout the body. It is needed for the development and maintenance of a healthy nervous system, the production of DNA, and the formation of red blood cells. Prolonged deficiency of Vitamin B-12 can cause damage to nerve cells, which can result in tingling and numbing sensations throughout the fingers and toes that often causes difficulty with walking. Nerve damage can also result in mood changes, depression, memory loss, and dementia. To help maintain a healthy nervous system as well as other bodily systems, Absonutrix vitamin B 12 X.Treme patches have shown to help with:
- Supporting heart health and the circulatory system
- Preventing damage to nerve cells
- Supporting heart health by fighting harmful hormone homocysteine

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